What Is Parging

Parging is more similar to stucco in that they are all used for finishing. However, parging is rarely used to decorate a house though it can be applied both externally and internally. Parge can be applied on a new wall or an already damaged wall. Once applied, it enhances the look of the wall. The other difference is the contents of the mixture. This mixture consists of water sand and masonry cement. As a result, the mixture is often heavy, and a thin layer is preferred. However, builders are not discouraged from adding multiple layers.

There should be a lot of caution on the amount of water that is applied with parging. Too much water will make the mixture light. Consequently, when the mixture is dry, it might crack the wall.

How Can We Help

Though parging is used to repair a damaged wall, the material itself can be damaged too. Thus, it important to always inspect periodically. It has any damages parge may still be reapplied to the damaged part. This will prevent more damages and water infiltration into the building.

Hiring us will ensure that you get a well-installed parge. In fact, if you are planning to sell the house, and have cracks on wall, we will fix it to perfection. Our parging service will give your house a new look and better market value. In addition, depending on the surrounding, we can help with painting the parge.

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