Systems That We Use

We use systems that are sufficient to cater all your needs and will ensure the best possible result for your home or business. Here are some of them:

Water Drainage System

Moisture in a building is something that is not desired as it can cause problems like stains, mould growth and reduced air quality. This system gives an added protection against that incidental moisture that might get into your home. Many approaches can be used to suit different project types. Among them is the channeled adhesive design which is preferred for commercial and institutional design, Adhered mat Design works well for renovations and not forgetting Senturion I, II & III.


Apart from decorating your house, we provide a layer of insulation. This is what the EIFS system does. It stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish System. EIFS has an origin in the 1960s where it was commonly used for commercial purposes but has rapidly risen to be used at home. Like stucco, they are a cladding system, but EIFS has an added layer of insulation. Common EIFS designs are the classic time (most popular and commonly used), weather barrier design and Flashed Opening design.

Stucco Wall Finishing

The stucco wall systems offer a lot of options for a house or commercial building. We provide the three-tier stucco family, which consists of Sentry wall system, Sentry Stucco wall system plus and sentry Stucco wall system plus. Let’s take a sneak preview of each of them. Sentry stucco wall system is used as an alternative to the 3-coat stucco system that is much cheaper and offers a stronger coat that is resistant to crack. Installing it is much quicker and is preferred to be used as an exterior finish. Sentry Wall system Plus, like sentry will system, is used as an exterior finish but is rather sophisticated in that it offers a water/air resistive barrier which is a liquid membrane. Sentry wall system ultra is the most sophisticated of them all and has features that the others lack. In addition to the liquid membrane found in sentry wall system plus, it features a drainage mat, rustproof fiberglass lath and a rainscreen design.

Cement- Board Stucco

This system has the look of stucco only that it applies a cement board core. They are used in places where exterior insulation is not required.

Stucco Resurfacing

This is used to repair a damaged stucco. It’s preferred because it’s long-lasting and prevents any further cracks on the wall.

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