What Is Stucco

A stucco is a form of finishing that is applied to walls. Strictly it’s utilized for decorations and can be applied by use of hand or machines. It’s a mixture that consists of water, cement, sand and lime. Traditional stucco had a couple of layers, but the modern stucco requires a single layer and can still be applied on wooden walls though it requires a couple of layers. It’s much easier to apply and takes a short time on masonry walls.

The mixture can be mixed on-site or can be bought as a pre-mixed material. Mixed on-site stucco requires a good knowledge of the quantities of each material that is needed. On the other side, a pre-mixed stucco comes as dry, which means the only addition that is needed is water, the other additions have been taken care of by the manufacturer.

How We Can Help

Our expert team have been doing stucco for clients for years. We take care of every aspect of your task with utmost care and dedication. Our professional staff will do both interior and exterior application of stucco. Mechanics of interior and exterior walls are different and we understand this. Decorating the stucco shall be our concern whether it will require painting or buying an already decorated mixture. We also ensure that there are the best environmental conditions for the application of stucco. Leave everything for us, and we will do it to perfection.

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